About Us

My name is Rich Simmons, that's me facing the camera with a somewhat bewildered look. My scenic master and colleague, John King, is busying himself with the layout just before the Steam Exhibition in Swindon held in 2015.

Without considerable help from like minded friends, it would be impossible for us to take Simington out onto the exhibition circuit, and it is with great thanks to those, Alistair and Adam to name but a few, that I pass on.

At present I am Chairman of Westinghouse Model Railway Club. I have been modelling now for some considerable time and have moved into the DCC and sound field some years ago. I have close ties with You Choos whose help and guidance have been invaluable.


John and I work well together as we both have different skills when it come to construction , wiring, scenicing and operating the layout. John has an amazing ability to visualise the landscape and be able to produce the scenic effect you can see from the pictures of the layout. I am all about the electric's, DCC sound, and keeping things running.

This is the first P4 layout that either of us has had the pleasure of building and operating. Our main aim at exhibitions is to "keep things" moving because we are there to entertain and enthuse the public.

If nothing happens the viewing public soon move away. Its not always easy to have loco's running the whole time, It's one of the reasons we made Simington a roundy, roundy layout. My previous layout was called Tavistock South and being an end to end layout at 38' long, it took a tremendous effort from all operators to keep the layout moving.